KEF Reference Series 2

Does anyone have feedback/opinions they can share on the KEF Ref series 2 models? In particular, is the main difference as you move up the line simply one of low freq extension? I read the reviews on the 207/2 and 201/2 in sphile and Soundstage and the freq response is amazingly flat, very impressive. Sphile also stated that teh 207 had pretty impressive dynamics, does that hold true down the line? Also, the one thing that kind of worries me when considering these speakers is the tri-wire capability when I'd only be single wiring. There has to be some penalty to be paid for having to use the terminal jumper cables. I wonder if there is any differences between the direct connection going to the mid, high, or low terminals? Anyone have any experience experimenting with that? BTW, I have a fairly small room, 14x18 and am considering either the 201, 203 or 205. 207 would likely overpower the room. McIntosh MC402 power amp will drive them. Thanks.
Afraid I can't be much help, but I just wanted to comment that I heard the 205/2 and it is a fantastic speaker. Great resolution & detail, but wonderfully natural at the same time.

About the debate as to whether a bi-wire or tri-wire capable speaker sounds better with a great single run cable, or a lesser quality bi-wire or tri-wire cable, I don't know enough to say. My own view is that the manufacturer chose bi-wire or tri-wire capability for a reason. So why not take advantage? If I were purchasing these speakers, I'd also invest in a tri-wire cable.

Anyway, good luck and happy listening!