Kef reference one, Recommend a SS amp


I am looking to upgrade from my Ayre V3x. 

Current system ART-9 --> Moerch dp6 ---> Clearaudio Ambient ---> Doshi Alaap ---> Audio horizon TP 2.1 ---> Ayre V3 (last to component to be upgraded) ---> Kef Reference one.

Cables are all signal cable. 

The system is excellent in general if not slightly forward at times. The Ayre is simply not enough power and too light on the bass for my taste in this system. 

I listen mostly to blues, american folk, jazz, gospel and soul. 

Thanks in advance!!
I don't think it's a power issue, but need to find the right synergy.  I currently drive my Reference 5s with a single MC275 and have no problem with bass output.  I've also ran them with an Audia Flight FL Two integrated (100 wpc) and a Mark Levinson 23.5 (200 wpc) and, of those two SS power units, I preferred the Levinson by far.  The Audia Flight drives my Fact.8s very well, however.

My room is not large but I was thinking I would need to get another MC275 to run them in mono in order to match the output of the Levinson but, after trying it with just one, I have no desire to add another.