KEF Reference Model One

I am considering buying a pair of the Ref Model 1s in black ash from a local dealer. They are used, one owner. They are asking $599. Does anyone have any feedback on the price? Also, I have a Denon 5803 receiver as well as a Yamaha M-65 amplifier. Would either of these be a good match for the 4ohm KEFs? Thanks
KEF reference with Uni-Q are nice clear punchy suckers. You could do worse. $599 seems a tad high for what they are but Ref 2's go into four figures.
Your Denon should be able to tear these to shreds (not familiar with the Yamaha).
I've owned the Ref III.2s but thought the design sort of dated.
For the money you're talking about, I'd look at the B&W floorstanders recently reviewed in Stereophile for around $1000 (list).
If you must have KEFs (I own two non-Ref uni pairs and a Q9c center channel), I'd go with Ref-IIs -much better design than the ones...
P. S. The B&W I refered to, the DM603 S3 just won the Stereophile
"2005 Budget Component of the Year" award.
Listen to me now and thank me later...
I owned the Kef Reference One's (with the Uni-Q) a few years back. In the late '90's, I think the MSRP was $2100 or so - but, discounters were selling them around $1800. The sound is dynamic and a bit forward - making them great for HT and R&R. At the time, I powered them just fine with a Denon 2801 - 100 wpc. Actually, I biamped them off my receiver. The bass was just okay - not great. I'm not sure what a 'good price' for them now would be.