KEF reference line revamp ??

KEF reference line has been in the market for several years now,  do you think KEF would revamp it line using metamaterial as in the LS50 ?   any rumors ?  

The LS50 refresh was more of an excuse to fix the obvious 2k peak issues it had.

I think refreshing Reference line would require more new technologies than just the metamaterial.

The blade series is much older, they will probably refresh that first.
+1 windy.  I have the kef reference 5s, which are similar to the 3 with additional woofers. In fact, I bought the 5s based on hearing the 3 since no dealer within 500 miles had the 5s on display.  I really marvel at the sound they produce, especially with some instruments like the piano and cello.  I hope there are no changes, because they’re great as is and because  I don’t need the temptation.
My *old* Kef Reference 3.3s still blow me away (with a Rel sub). Had them since around ‘80. A pair of Q150s for rear surrounds.