KEF Reference 5 aftermarket plinths, base, or feet options?

Can anyone recommend feet/bases for the KEF Reference 5?  I would love to not spend a fortune as I wait for new plinths from KEF (out of stock for a while).  

Note, if you're not familiar with these speakers you can't just put feet on them because the screw holes underneath are NOT way out at the corners.. They're more centered.. So I cannot just throw on some ISOAcoustics GAIA feet.


I just installed the Gaia footers and even though pricey worth the about drilling new holes better located where they should be,install some metal thread inserts( i think 8mm is the number depending on weight of speakers) and get the IsoAcoustics..thats what I would do..
I'm not drilling new holes in my $20k speakers.  Also, as noted in the original post, the holes are too "centered" to be stable without outriggers.
I use some pretty decent amp stands for my B&W 804D3 speaks. Got them from AGon member Solidwood (Timbernation). With screw in cones came to $310. Had to drill them to secure but didn't take long.
Also, you could visit a Bed-Bath-and Beyond store and look at some big cutting boards.
I would recommend Townshend seismic podiums but they are probably outside your budget for a temporary solution.  They are very effective as a permanent isolation solution.  During my experiments I used spikes, no spikes, spikes on stone and gliders.  The Townshend's was the clear winner.
@goose that's what I was afraid the answer would be ha.  I got a quote for $1500.  After already buying the Isoacoustics Gaia ii, I'm really not wanting to fork out that much for these.  But, let me drink about it and see what happens.