Kef reference 3

Any thoughts? Thinking of moving up from Vivid Oval 1.5. Like their sound but want a little bigger sound. The new Vivid speakers are too rich for me, and I can get a good buy on the reference 3. Soundstage did think they were close to the Vivid B1 Decade which is $28,000.
If you want more bass get yourself a subwoofer and stop complaining.
I would wait for the Ref 3 with the META stuff on the drivers. 
That would put them out of my price range. I am looking at demos of the current speakers. 
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In that case I think your choice of the KEF is great. It sounds similar to the Vivids to me. I have heard both a lot. 

I was looking at USAuidomart yesterday for some KEF's because of some anxiety I had with my 'new' speakers (resolved today). There were a lot of KEF Blades going for $12K,which is still a lot more than a demo Ref 3. However, the Blade is a big jump from the Ref 3.