KEF Reference 3 bi-wire or not?

Hello all, I am wondering if anyone has any opinions on whether bi-wiring my pair of KEF reference 3's is recommended, necessary or not at all. I have the original jumpers as well as a decent aftermarket set. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I have a pair of KEF Reference 104/2s that I have run in both bi-wire and jumped mode. Whatever difference there is is subtle, but I choose to use the bi-wire mode. When I have used them in jumped mode, it has been because the speaker leads were in for modification, so I have not done careful comparison. What does make a difference is shunting frequencies below 80 Hz to my Velodyne HGS-15. The 104/2s have a more open and airy quality in this configuration. I noticed the same effect when using 102/2s and a HGS-10.