KEF Reference 207 vs 207/2

My current set up is KEF 105/3 with Thorens TD126 turntable with TMC63 moving coil cartridge with Denon X6400H receiver. I use this for my home theatre as well with KEF 202c (version 1) as center channel.
I would like to upgrade 105/3. I saw good speakers on used market and need help chosing. Would you buy the KEF 207 for 2500$ or KEF 207/2 for 4500$.
Also, is it worth upgrading the 105/3 bcos I am very happy with them.
Any other suggestions would be much appreciated.
I heard the 207 has a better sound stage than the 207/2 due to the hyper tweeter on top.
I think its quite the opposite as the hyper tweeter mitigated the effort of having a single point source. In addition to adding additional aspects to the crossover and was eliminated when they could make the primary tweeter achieve a bandwidth high enough that it was no longer any benefit.