KEF Reference 207/2s or Blade 2

I've been using KEF Reference 1s with Velodyne HGS-15s, but regret giving away my 107/2s.  Although the Ref 1s may portray more detail than the 107/2s, they seem to lack the same sense of presence as the large full-range speakers.  Two prospects are KEF Reference 207/2s and Blade 2s.  The 207/2s would match an unused 204/2C I have planned to sell.  I haven't heard either, just read Atkinson's reviews.  Any advice re 207/2s v Blade 2 would be appreciated.  

Also, I used three Parasound JC 1 monoblocks and a JC 2 preamp with the 107/2s and 204/2C, but use an Ayre VX-5 Twenty and KX-5 Twenty preamp with the Ref 1s.  Would I need to revert to the JC 1s -- haven't sold them yet -- for the 207/2s or Blade 2s?

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Both are quite easy to drive, and your JC1's in high bias mode should be a very nice amp for them both, if a little bit over the top.
Just go with the ones that sound the best if you have a chance to listen to them both with your JC1's

Cheers George

I ran the JC 1s in low-bias mode with the 107/2s, because I listen at moderate levels and the amps run very warm in high-bias mode.  I suspect I rarely approached the 10 watt Class A limit for low bias.  Given the speakers are easy to drive, might the Ayre VX-5 Twenty be adequate.  Both speakers have sensitivity ratings in the 90 dB range, whereas the Ref 1s I use now are only in the mid-80 dB range  I know from listening I don't need a center channel.  

I'm not going to have an opportunity to hear either before buying, but then I didn't hear the 107/2s before buying, and I loved their sound.

Given the speakers are easy to drive, might the Ayre VX-5 Twenty be adequate.
I’d stay with the JC1’s, and use them in hi bias mode, and try to vent the heat away somehow. John Curl is no slouch, I’d put higher up the design ladder than Charles Hansen (RIP) if it was Charley that designed the amp, if not then definitely stay with the JC1"

My reviewer friend Edgar had the JC1’s on his Wilson 8’s then his Alexia 1 and in high bias mode they I thought they were the sweetest most relaxed amps I’ve heard, yet can also be most brutish controlled amps when they needed to be, then he got the Gryphon Antillion Evo (also with different class-a settings) and sound went up another step again.
This is him here and the Alexia 2 review

Cheers George
My experience with Kef uniq is more power better. I sold my R107/2 last winter. They still had world class bass, but the mids and highs were showing their age next to the newest hifi I had. The Blade intro by Kef the first showing used 2 JC1's per channel if I remember correctly. The Blade also has the newest uniq tech, that said there's a used pair of each from the same shop listed here the R207/2 $8k the Blade $15k...If I could afford the components I would buy the Blade and be done, but I would probably get better sound from the 207/2 with the components I use(afford).
Blades need good electronics but you do not need to go crazy with that to get really good sound. I heard the Blades with a $4k Hegel integrated and the sound was something I could own and not go crazy thinking about upgrading. The Blades are incredible speakers to my ears.

If my toddler was a little older I would buy a Blade2 for my downstairs.
I like to buy at around 50% MSRP, so I'll watch for a pair of racing red Blade 2s and continue to enjoy my Reference 1s supplemented by the Velodyne HGS-15s.  I probably won't sell the JC 1s and JC 2 -- wonder how well JC 1s would pair with KX-5 Twenty or how well a JC 2 would pair with the QX-5 digital hub that's an endpoint for Roon.