KEF reference 207/2 vs DALI euphonia MS5 anyone?

Hello everybody )
My system
PS audio perfectwave dac mk2 + transport
PASS x350.5 amp
Now I should complete it with speakers and I have good offers for dali ms5 and kef ref 207/2.
Unfortunately I cannot audition them ,so it will be a blind shot...
at this price tag I can buy Dynaudio C4 also...
prices for them
dali ms5 -4400 euro
kef ref207/2 5300 euro
dynaudio C4 - around 5400 euro.
I listen mostly electronica, house , classical and rock .
my room is around 20 feet L x 13 W x 10 H ,BUT I listen them on the long side around 11-12 feet from the front wall.I will consider room damping very very soon.
any thoughts will be highly apperciated.
cheers to all highenders!
Love my MS5 with Pass X250.5
Mine are outstanding (MS5) with a Plinius SA-103 amp.
No doubt the kef 207/2. I had the same dilemma, and after listening both for quite some time, i had no more doubt
I can't give you a comparative experience.
But I've just purchased a pair of Kef 205/2.
If the 207 are a step up from my 205 then you are in for a real treat.
Awesome speaker