KEF Reference 107/2s + KEF LS50s

Tomorrow I want to try something, and I seek advice about how to implement it. My KEF Reference 107/2 are biwired to Parasound JC 1 mono blocks. I'd like to try substituting a pair of KEF LS50s for the mid and HF drivers of the 107/2s. I propose to disconnect the XLR connections to the mid/HF drivers and connect the biwires that go to those sections to the LS50s. The 107/2s use a KUBE for crossover and equalization, and I propose to continue using that. Does my plan seem feasible?

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So how did it go?
Since the 107 heads contain their own crossover circuitry (designed to work with the kube) I have to think the crossovers in the LS50 would be a less than ideal pairing.

Not that I would try it, but I am curious how your experiment worked out.
I'm listening to my restored R107/1 as I write, and can't imagine them sounding any better.