KEF Reference 107/2s + KEF LS50s

Tomorrow I want to try something, and I seek advice about how to implement it. My KEF Reference 107/2 are biwired to Parasound JC 1 mono blocks. I'd like to try substituting a pair of KEF LS50s for the mid and HF drivers of the 107/2s. I propose to disconnect the XLR connections to the mid/HF drivers and connect the biwires that go to those sections to the LS50s. The 107/2s use a KUBE for crossover and equalization, and I propose to continue using that. Does my plan seem feasible?

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So how did it go?
Since the 107 heads contain their own crossover circuitry (designed to work with the kube) I have to think the crossovers in the LS50 would be a less than ideal pairing.

Not that I would try it, but I am curious how your experiment worked out.
I'm listening to my restored R107/1 as I write, and can't imagine them sounding any better.
I unplugged the XLR connector, lifted the heads, set the LS50s where the heads had been, and connected the mid/HF biwire to the LS50s -- the 107/2s are set up for biwiring. I didn't adjust the KUBE. The combination sounded very good, but the R107/2s are such magnificent sounding speakers I returned the heads.

The idea came to me because much to my surprise the KEF R600C with a Uni-Q similar to that used in the LS50 matches the 107/2s so well for mch and HT.

So the experiment was a success as an experiment, but I too can't imagine the 107/2s sounding any better.

I did the exact same thing! I have since gone to a pair of NHT 12" subs.

I still enjoy my R107/2 in my ht and will continue to.
Steve, so do I.  I've replaced the R600C with a Reference 204/2C designed for Reference 207/2s, but it blends seamlessly with the 107/2s.

How does the R600c work with the Reference speakers? I’m considering a set of Reference 1s but I’m not sure I want to go with a Reference center. So I am considering an R600c.
In my experience, the R600C had a lower mid-bass emphasis that I found annoying and resulted in their not blending well with the Reference 107/2s.  I'd save for the reference center designed to match the Reference 1s, but you might try an R200C while you save then sell it when you've saved enough.

(The 204/2C is a monster at 3.5' wide, 100 pounds, expensive when you can find one, but it totally disappears in the soundstage, and that's what you want.)

Thanks db. I may have to raise the budget or look at alternatives.

Dear Mr. Grubb, please give us a call, we talked once about a dac I do believe. Anyway here is an answer to your Ref 1 question, we also have a demo pair of Kef 1 and 3 that might interest you.

Actually the Ref 600C does sound quite good with the Ref 1, or the Ref 3 or Ref 5

We have an all Kef Reference theater using the Kef Ref 3, before we had upgraded to the matching Reference center we were using the R series center.

The R series center is not quite as clear or as uncolored but the blend was very good and the R series center does sound excellent. The Reference center is wamer and more precise and images better and if you compare the two the Reference center is indeed a great step up, we had our Ref 3 with the R series for almost a year before we upgraded.

As per the older Kef 207.2, 205.2, 203.2 201.2 and the newer R series different story, the older Kef 200 series had a more rich midrange the newer models are cleaner hence the match wasn’t good.

Dave and Troy
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