KEF Reference 104/2 LF response

I plan to replace my 102/2 front LR speakers with a pair of 104/2s. With the 102/2s, I set my processor to send everything below 80 Hz to my Velodyne HGS-10 sub. Any advice about an appropriate cross over to sub with 104/2s would be appreciated. At what point does LF response start to roll off?

Hi Donbellphd,
I have owned the KEF Ref Series 104/2 speakers for about 7-8 years and I would say that the bass is a bid shy in this model as it rolls-off around 40Hz. Using test tones from a stereo setup test CD, you really have to crank the volume at 40Hz to hear anything. So, to answer your question I would set the cross-over from the 104/2s to your sub at say 50Hz (possibly higher). Hope this helps.