Kef Reference 102

I would like to know members opinion of this speaker and its use with and without the KefKube. Is there also a review available on these and what type of amplification(tube or ss) would be recommended. Any help appreciated
MC Cormack amp and preamp.I have heard this combination.
Its sounds very musical.
I have some exprience with this speaker. In fact, I still own the pair I bought in '87. Tried many amp / CD combinations. This speaker tends to be laid back. It has a great midrange - great for voice/ acoustic recordings. Not so great for rock, however. I settled with the Musical Fidelity gear. The MF A308 tends to focus the sound stage better, brings out the details, and compliment the mellow nature of this speaker. I prefer to use the speaker with the KUBE. The speakers sound tinny without it - even if you don't apply any boost to the signal. I've seen threads on AAsylum where people prefer sound without the KUBE. I humbly disagree. Interconnects between the AMP/Source do make a big difference. Again, it helps bring out the details. Interconnects between the KUBE and the AMP through the tape loop are not as crucial. Stands are also important. Bid difference in the soundstage when I switched from StandDesign Z stands and Osiris stands. Hope this helps.