KEF Reference 1 vs. Olympica 1

I’ve been a music lover and DJ for decades and have bought tons of DJ gear over the years but now I’m focusing more on my family/listening room and need help with comparing some speakers.
Ive owned B&Ws for most of my adult life and as I got older, the diamonds became fatiguing and I decided to change things up. After reading many reviews, I decided to go with either Kef Reference 1 or Olympica 1. I’m buying them used and currently am using B&K 200.7 to drive them.
Any help and experience would be greatly appreciated.
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OP both are good Kef's have their house sound and the Sonus have their house sound.

Kef's are clean detailed with a very netural midrange, great dynamics and they thow a huge well focused soundstage the Ref 1 have unbeliveable deep bass for a stand mount.

Sonus Faber's warmer in the treble a slightly more colored warmer midrange, good dynamics and their stand mounts do not have the deep bass response of the Kef's if you want a warmer more full bodied sound with a less defined soundstage, the Sonus are fantastic. 

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ KEF dealers
If I had the space, I’d go for the Kefs in a heartbeat. The KEF ref 1 in gloss rosewood is probably the nicest looking bookshelf on the planet. 
We have a pair of KEF Ref 1s in gloss rosewood, but when they first replaced the racing red LS50s my wife loved she was skeptical.  Now my wife agrees they are handsome, and a Decca Blu-ray of the Verdi Requiem convinced me they can do large orchestrations convincingly.  The racing reds have been moved upstairs where I want to experiment with using them to supplement the mid/HF of a pair of KEF Ref 107/2s. 
Thank you all for the responses. I'm leaning towards the KEF Reference 1's but what is holding me back is the cost of the Reference Center.
I've been told by different sources that I can use a single LS50 for the center or the new R series 2C center.  Any thoughts?  
Did you get the KEF Ref 1s? I was wondering how you would compare them to the B&W Diamonds?
I owned the Reference 1 and the large center since they first came available and recently sold them. 

They are great speakers and i did I did enjoy them but as time went by I grew less interested in them. They do nothing wrong as many speakers in this price range but on the other hand music to me didn’t have the ability for me to let go of analyzing the sound and just cut loose and enjoy the music.

They were great for HT with the monster center.

The funny thing is as I was a very early buyer and they were just releasing. I thing I ordered them in October but it took until March in I’m remembering correctly. I was getting frustrated and nearly canceled. During that time I auditioned the Olympica at Magnolias and thought they were not my liking. They were not set up that great either. I remember trying a couple more times and on the third audition they were set up nicely and I really really liked them. I didn’t fully understand at the time as my KEFs had not arrived yet but if I had a chance to redo I most likely would have canceled the KEFs and went Olympica. I just feel they are a speaker that was more musically there in a way that the KEFs were not.

i went to Legacy Calibre this time but I think this time I got it right. I’ll know soon.
I think the big problem with the Kef Reference series are its aluminium twitter and drivers their sound can be harsh, bright and over analytical so it’s very hard to tune them to sound correct .I am not a big fan of metalic made drivers.
I ended up with the KEF Refrence 1’s. As stated above, the bass from these stand mounts are unbelievable. The sound stage is some of the best I’ve ever heard. I was listen to some flac files the other day, and my dog couldn’t figure out where the sound was coming from. I’m still waiting to get a center...
Compared to B&W which was harsh at times, KEF definitely are neutral and takes time getting used to.
I agree with audiotroy. 

I have demoed both KEF ref1 and Sonus Faber Olympica 1, and I personally prefer KEF ref1. 

Nothing wrong with Sonus Faber, it is just too warm for my taste. I like a little bit of a "spicy" sound. 

By the way, the KEF ref1 goes very well with McIntosh MC452 + Audio Research LS27. That combo gives the most holographic and pleasant sounding signature from the KEF.
Thanks for the responses. Any feedback on color? I'm leaning towards the rosewoods.