KEF Reference 1

Hi Guys, in my journey in the hobby I had made a few mistakes, but shooting blindly I ended up with a pair of KEF Ref 1. Simply the most satisfaying speakers I ever owned!
After the break in period it feels like I have membranes or a pair of hifi man HE1000 on a big scale in my living room that is a lot to say. They simply dissapear.
I power them with Hegel H30, Gamut CD3, PS audio BHK Preamp (another amazing piece of audio plus outstanding headphone amp), Also DS DAC and AZ cables plus Nordost IC.
Plinius Koru Phono + Rega RP10.
I had owned much more costly setups but nothing as musical as this one.
Speakers I had owned:
AZ Crescendos I.
Harbeth C7es3, M30.1
Dali Helicons MKII 800. Nolas, Ref3A, System audio, Linn, Silverline, Focals, Totem and many others.
I simply want to share this thoughts after trying so many combinations and never been as satisfied.
Lets the music play..
Nice weekend.

Thanks for the post!  Its nice to hear from happy audio enthusiasts who have completed  their audio nirvana quest.  Enjoy the music!
I think highly of KEF's Uni-Q driver and have been considering it for my next speaker. It has an and excellent frequency response and even dispersion. I would guess the Reference 1 does not need much side-wall treatment to sound great.
They don't need treatment at all. My room is 17x12 they shine. Low volumes or  louder all kind of music. Good power will make them smile. Like Hegel H360 or H30 .
I'm glad that you are enjoying your Reference 1s.  There really isn't a lot of information out there on them, but they are definitely a great speaker with every kind of music.  I love my Refs, too, and can't see replacing them anytime soon. 
Thanks, mountainsong.  I've got a pair of the limited Totem 'The Ones', with plans to soon transition to a pair of used Focal Micro Utopia Be, but have also been wondering about the Reference 1s.  Good to know.
I think the KEF reference it is not just another speaker line. It is an acomplishment in engineering and design as well. They sound so natural that after a while it is addictive.
I know friends with the Kef blades that had owned much more expensive speakers before. They just got in love with KEF sound signature like the live performance and out of the way.
Good luck and follow your ears always.
The Hegel H30 is a really great amp and most people who have the Ref 1 seem to like to drive them with higher watt amps like that. 

I first drove my Ref 5s with a Levinson 23.5 and they sounded awesome with lots of tight bass.  I'm now using an MC275 with equally excellent results but with an even smoother upper mid presentation. 

The KEF Refererence line can be run with high watt SS or even lower watt tubes, but they just always present the music in a very natural, organic way.
mountainsong, how do you find they compare to Focal's Utopia speakers (assuming you've heard that particular line)?  I'm considering a pair of used Micro Utopia Be, and later the Diablo Utopias.  Actually, I'm a bit concerned that the Focals and Totem's new Element Fire speakers could lack some of the musicality that the more 'classic' Totems seem to offer (tonal shadings, whathaveyou).  I've wondered if the Reference 1s could potentially also be a bit dry or analytical.  Having said that, above all else, I prefer a rather neutral, transparent presentation, and don't want an overly coloured sound either.

I like the idea of being able to push the Reference 1s to a louder level than where my Totems can go.  Hopefully my V-1xe would be up to the task.
By the way, saying they sound like a giant HE1000 is a damn fine endorsement.
Having heard (and owned) a huge spectrum of the current high-end speakers out there, I feel reasonably confident to reply.
Most recently, in search of the ever elusive "right-sound" I ended up with a pair of Focal Utopia Diablo's.  KEF Blades, Ref 3/5's and Magico were high on the list but ultimately non had the transparency and resolution the little Utopia's had, the Scala's I listened to were equally good, though much bigger.   I've not heard the Grand, Stella or Maestro.  Obviously bass in the smaller Utopias is limited but a JL Audio Fathom subwoofer fixes that and bring 95% of what any larger reference speaker brings.  In my experience the Utopia line has it all, the utmost musicality and enjoyment coupled with state-of-the-art detail and clarity.  The only problem is where from here!