KEF Ref 201 vs Merlin TSM MXM to multichan system

Hey Goners I was contemplating adding either the KEF reference 201 or Merlin TSM MXM to my home theater system. Hear me out lol. I currently have a 5.1 channel system consisting of Def Tech Mythos XTR60's for left, right and center channel with Mythos Gems for left and right surrounds. My sub is a Velodyne DD10 and my reciever is a Denon.

I dont have the money to play in the upper stratosphere but I will be upgrading to a Marantz 7008 reciever and I would like to set up a 2 channel/5.1 channel setup. Obviously I want the KEF's or the Merlins for the 2 channel setup mainly. But was thinking of changing the Def's left and right fronts to front heights and makeing the Kef's or Merlins the left and right fronts for when listening to movies and of course for music in 2 channel mode.

Will this work and if so which speakers would you choose? Im leaning towards the Merlins but I've heard the KEF and they are nice. The Merlins just have such great reviews and they are both around the same pricepoint. I am planning to upgrade to separates in the near future but for now Id like your imput on either speaker as well as the setup. Thanks
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s, you should think about the black magic version of the tsm mxm because it is even more robust sounding and a better fit with solid state.
good luck!
bobby at merlin
Ok let's try this again. I'm building up slowly and I'd like to build around a great set of speakers. So anyone has any history with both KEF Reference 201 vs the Merlin TSM MXM? Any thoughts on the best receiver to pair with either?
s, this is my second attempt at suggesting, with a solid state receiver, the tsm mxm black magic edition is a better choice (than the earlier mxm). the bme sounds more relaxed and more robust and is better suited to a lighter sounding amp.
good luck,
Thanks Bobby for your response. I will look into the solid state reciever. Any suggestions on brand of SS reciever that work best with your speakers?

Also on your site I didnt see specific pricing on the "black magic edition". What is the price range and are the black magics offered in Ruby Heart Red?
s, the prices for the black magic editions are the same as the basic mmm and mxm listed on the site. the price did not go up. the tsm mxm bme is available in ruby heart red.
i like the sound of nad as a rule, they are usually bodied and musical inviting.

good luck.
Thanks very much for your imput Bobby. I will persue some more info on the NAD recievers. Coupled with the stellar reviews and a friend thats heard the TSM's, Ive settled on the TSM's. Im hoping they get along with my Velodyne DD10's well.
s, they will. but i would recommend using the tsm mxm mmm full range and not through the velo crossover. i would also use the velo up to 50 hz at 12 db with a little summing and 24 with no summing. your choice of preference. 12 db more punch and 24 less punch but more defined and extended. depends on you taste and the room size perhaps. imho, if you use the velo crossover to roll the bottom of the tsm, the system will play louder but the sound of the tsms will suffer. the tsm crossover is very natural sounding, jmtc and opinion.
bobby at merlin