Kef ref 104/2 woofers bad, need replacement...

I have the classic 104s from the early nintys and need replacement of the woofers.

Not sure if I rebuild them or not?

I'm sure this has happened to many others and am curious what they have done.

I would suggest that you get them rebuilt by a professional. The 104's is finiky speakers and a different driver will affect the sound in a great way.
Usually any speakers don't sound good/same after an 'aftermarket' replacement driver.

They will however - if done well - sound pretty stunning after such a pro-repair.

Best of luck,
Dewald Visser
I have a pair of KEF 104/2s that sound "pretty stunning" to me. That rod would deter me from any attempt at a DIY fix were I so inclined, which I'm not. These are speakers are worth having repaired properly.