Kef R500 or Revel Performa 3 f206

Dilemma, what to buy? Is anyone listen to both and can compare them. The accuracy, neutrality, three-dimensionality, the overall sound image.
The only way you'll be satisfied with your choice is to actually listen to them both ... preferably driven by the same equipment and the same music. Bring your gear and music to the seller(s) place of business or have the seller(s) use identical gear in their audition setups or bring the speakers to your home. Take notes.

Dealers of these two brands are probably knowledgeable so ask their advice as to whether these speakers will be a good match for your gear and the type of music you listen to most. A good matchup is important.

I bought one of these speakers, but I won't say which one because only you can  decide which is best for your personal tastes. Happy hunting!