Kef R3s with Tube Amp?

I'm thinking about going back to stand mount speakers. Currently I have Tekton Lore II and PrimaLuna Integrate. Currently running KT150s which did help compared to EL34s but not too much over KT88s. The Tektons seem to like the extra horse power, however, despite the 98db sensitivity. Brimar 12AU7s.I'm looking at KEF R3s but as they are 86.1DB not sure they will match too well with tubes. Also considering B&W 705 S2s or B&W 706S2.My listening room is 15x25x7.5, carpeted with a good bit of furniture. The only other speaker I've considered is the Klipsch Heritage Heresy III. Not a stand moun, obviously, but smaller than the Lores. They (Lores) need space to thrive and I don't think they are well suited for this room.So if anyone has direct listening experience with the KEF R3s & Tube amp I'd appreciate any input. Open to other suggestions too. Unfortunately, where I live I have to travel at least an hour to get near any Audio outlet, and I'm done buying via on-line reviews by so-called "professional" reviewers!
I was asked which model PrimaLuna Integrate.PrimaLuna Prologue. With KT150 about 48 Watts per channel.
Wow! 63 people looked at this posting but no one has an opinion? Not even the "know it alls" who like to pretend they are smarter than you. Strange. I didn't think it was a dumb question!

Hi wcc10,

I'm running the Kef R11's (90db sensitivity) with a Rogue Cronus Magnum III (100wpc) with great results. It's really a stunning combination. So much so that I've gotten off the "upgrade train." I'm just listening to the music now.

My question is, with a room your size, why are you limiting yourself to stand mounts? Why wouldn't you prefer a full range floor stander? My room is only 11' x 13'.

As to why you havent received many responses; I don't think Kef is a particularly popular brand on this forum. Not sure why. I listened to just about every $2k - $5k speaker from every major manufacturer and found the Kef R series to be superior in every way.


Hi Joe. Thanks for the reply. I did have 1 conversation yesterday via email from this post but other than that, you're the first!
My listening room is 15 x 25 x 7.5, and I had a Cronus Magnum II before the PrimaLuna. I loved it too, unfortunately it died within 1 month of ownership from new! (it was a left-over) I was completely bummed as the 100 watts per really drove the Lore speakers like none before! (I should have gone with the Cronus III but the PL has auto bias which is nice.
As for Stand Mounts, I have a good deal of furniture in my room and the floor standers take up a lot of space. The wife hates the whole deal but puts up with it. The R3 KEFs seemed like a good trade off and from what I can tell on You Tube, sound quite good. My budget is about $2K so they fit right in. To be honest, I'm not all that thrilled with the Tekton product. They get such rave reviews but I don't see it. They're okay, but I think I can do better.
Thanks, William


I had a feeling it was the WAF swaying your decision away from floorstanders. My opinion? The R3’s image like nobody’s business. I don’t think you can go wrong with them.

I would contact Kef, they are headquartered in Marlboro, NJ, and give them your amp's specs to see if they are a good match. I’ve heard really good things about PrimaLuna.

I also highly agree with your statement regarding Tekton. I had the Electrons for about a week and sent them back. Big, boomy, resonant boxes they are. I have no idea why they get so much hype and attention. Nothing refined there, for me at least.


It's also a shame that you can't audition the R3 in person. Me personally, I would never base my decision from Youtube videos or even other people's opinions. like mine! Where do you live?
KEF R3 is a speaker I would own. WIll likely not go as loud as Tektons off the same amp. They are not designed to operate best with tube amps but the results could still be very good (they are fantastic speakers). I’d want to audition before committing on a tube amp with KEF R3s.

If your floors are suspended plywood, isolating the floorstanders from those better would probably help tighten up bass and clean up the sound.
Thanks Joe. Good idea contacting Kef. Yes, I went with the Lores because of the high efficiency rating. Been messing around with different tubes (now KT150s, different pre-amp) and just not "getting it." But they were better with the Cronus, thus my feeling they like high wattage.I've found a Kef dealer not too far from here. I believe he is also a PrimaLuna dealer so that should work out well. Hopefully he has them on display to audition. I'll post again with my impressions!Thanks.
If your floors are suspended plywood, isolating the floorstanders from those better would probably help tighten up bass and clean up the sound.
Tekton speakers are currently on carpet, floors are hardwood over plywood. Yes, will audition prior to purchase any speaker. I’m done with buying a "pig in a poke." Thanks, "mapman."
Tekton speakers are currently on carpet, floors are hardwood over plywood.

Yes that sounds like typical suspended plywood floor used in most homes these days. If the bass sound too big and muddy, with detail lacking top to bottom, I’d strongly recommend trying isolation pads, like Auralex sub-dudes or something similar under the floor-standers. The floor interactions not only muddy the bass, but that muddied bass also obscures detail in the mid-range. It’s a fairly inexpensive tweak that usually pays big dividends.

Cool. I'll look into it. Sounds like a simple & inexpensive tweak!
Actually I was wrong about the floor. In this part of the house it's hard wood over Tongue & Groove. But you got me thinking and I think I'll try a home made idea to isolate them. See how that works!
Worth a try. Carpet covered solid concrete foundation is the most rigid and vibration resistant kind of floor. Most others are subject to some degree, especially if not at foundation level. Suspended plywood in upper levels is generally the worst. Carpets over hardwood in front of speakers usually also helps by reducing high frequency floor reflections that may reach your listening position.