Kef R3 amp inquiry


I've got a question about pairing an amp with the KEF R3.  I'm currently running Source(mix of vinyl & tidal through smsl DAC) --> Schiit Freya+--> Schiit Aegir--> speakers.  

I am close to pulling the trigger on Kef R3 and it will be almost the last step to completing my new system.  These speakers are however slightly less efficient than my current speakers so I know I may run into some issues with pairing with the Aegir.  I typically don't listen and very high volumes, probably somewhere in the 30-40% of max range.  Kef recommends an amp with bt 15W-180W for these speakers and they are 87db sensitive.   Aegir puts out 20W at 8ohm and 40W at 4 ohm.  

Ultimately I would like to get another Aegir so that I can run as mono blocks which would drive the Kefs sufficiently.  My question is if I use one Aegir while I'm waiting for the second to arrive(they are currently on backorder) do I risk damaging the speakers or the amp or will it be safe, just maybe not the best sound quality? Also If there are any recommendations for a better Amp pairing please let me know.  Preferably I'd like to stay with Schiit, but am open to suggestions if a different amp would provide a better experience. 

you should be fine
just listen carefully as you turn it up
solid state clipping is not hard to discern
back off the volume if you hear the sound harden