KEF R11 vs B&W 702 vs Golden Ear Triton 1.R vs?

Looking for speakers in the $5000-$6000 pair range. These three are well rated and available locally
I just heard these side by side today, and was really surprised, the B&W just plain sounded better, the KEF sounded like it had a veil over it. Now to be fair the R11's were not placed ideally, the B&W were in a better spot, but I do not think that would account for the difference. And I want to add, I have not been a fan of B&W , and was considering the  KEF R7's, now I have some thinking to do:)
I really have tried to like b&w speakers, but for whatever reason they always sound colored. My experience with kef has been capable speakers that aren’t plug and play. The tweeter is a double edged sword since the wide dispersion can sound bright if to close to side walls. I’m a big Hegel fan. Your room acoustics could end up deciding for you what you buy. I’m currently using meridian in one room and a hegel driving Vienna acoustic beethovens in another so no dog in the fight when I suggest checking out Dynaudio also. 
I appreciate your recent responses to my OP. It has been awhile since I've listened to Dynaudio, but whenever I have they were warm and smooth ( a compliment).