KEF R107/2 vs REVEL f52

My kef's are getting a bit long in the tooth and am looking for a drop in replacement for them, The 107's were amp friendly unlike many other kef models they only needed power to come alive not incredably expensive power. so I can get a pair of F52's for a fair price and want to hear about them.
I guess you need to ask yourself: "Self, what is it about my KEFs that I do not like and would like to improve upon?" The KEF 107/2 are very good speakers indeed. As are the Revels. But this is beside the point.

In the $6k - $8k price range, there are a *jillion* (mathematical term )) speakers to choose from. And most of them are very, very good. The only honest way to tell if the Revels (or any other speaker) are a suitable replacement for your KEFs is to get them into your system/room side by side and conduct a shoot-out.

Otherwise, you will need to visit dealer after dealer seeking the Holy Grail of Speakers for you. Even then, you will still need to hear them in your system/room. There is NO way to shortcut this process - sad, but true.

I wish I could be of more help, but what you are trying to do cannot be accomplished by listening to what others have to say. You have to do the heavy lifting (listening?) yourself...

Anybody curious about comparing the R107/2 to a newer design f52? The kef can still hold its own in the bass against virtually any full range speaker out there, midrange is still pretty good, but the tweeter from the early 90's is showing its age. I often wonder how older sota designs hold up to modern gear considering what new speakers cost i'm looking for that point of diminishing returns. the op was one example.
Keep your eye out for a great condition used pair of Legacy Audio Signature SE around the $5K price.  Very easy to drive, great Air Motion Tweeter, and bass down to 22Hz.
107/2s may be amp friendly, but when installed Parasound JC 1 monoblocks (800 watts @ 4Ω) they really came to life.  They seem to thrive on current.  I periodically think about Blade 2s, but then I listen to the 107/2s and ask myself why.  For HT, I add a Ref 204/2C that seems to blend seamlessly with the 107/2s even though it uses a Uni-Q driver.

I think you might be referring to the R207/2 not the R107/2 unless adding ferrofluid to these vintage tweeters and jc1 amps makes a really big difference, and as much as I enjoy the R107's they won't throw a soundstage  the likes of the new hi end gear.