KEF R 105/3

Category: Speakers

I bought mine new back in july of 90'. I spent a lot of time and money finding gear that reproduced the sound I heard in the showroom that day. Now 20 years later I wonder what I would have to spend to get better sound. I bought a pair of beethovens because side by side the VA's did magic with jazz. but now the kef's are back in because I miss their huge soundstage & limitless headroom. they pull me back into the music everytime.I bi-amp them now & I can't really hear a difference without the KUBE in unless I turn the knob to +5. I think my question is when is different better? Because there seems to be trade off's when money matters.
How are you bi amping? Vertical or horizontal? Are you using the same amps? What are they?

It's a very long time since I had a pair, but I seem to remember not really needing the eq. It will be room dependent. Just make sure the bass isn't boomy or muddying the whole thing.