KEF Q950 or Harbeth 30.2

Yes I know one is a tower and the other a bookshelf but the Harbeths would be on quality metal stands.  The room is 20 by 20 and will be powered by Mcintosh tube amp MC275 and pre-amp C2200.  I mainly like soft, classic rock...Pink Floyd etc.  The price of the Harbeths is like triple that of the KEF's.  Just wondering is it is worth it to go for the nice looking 40th anniversary Harbeths
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Maybe look at the Harbeth Super HL5 plus instead of the monitor. However some say Harbeths prefer beefy solid state amps. Whether they are worth springing for depends on how good your source is. You can buy a lot of music for the price difference. And there are a lot of speakers between $1k and $4k.
If your room is the right size for about the same money I would opt for the SHL5+ instead of the M30.2. Harbeths have a benign impedance curve, so they are an easy load, which is an advantage with valve amplifiers. They like a bit of power, and a good and powerful valve amplifier will be fine, even if I would personally opt for bigger power solid state.
I heard both the 30.2 and the SHL5+ side by side and didn't care for the SHL5+.  If you like the 30.2 it doesn't mean you will like the SHL5+ (and vice versa).  The 30.2 sound more balanced top to bottom and a better overall speaker to my ears.  I can get you in touch with my dealer if you'd like to PM me.  

I agree that the 30.2 or. 1 sound is better than the SHL5+. He should also check out the compact 7es3. The C7 is an amazing speaker! Plus the C7 have a little more bass than the 30's. The C7 is like a baby version of the 40.2. The C7 will sound good with the mc275, but would recommend a solid state preamp. My c52 made the detail go thru the roof! No fatigue either! Also cheaper brand new. I paid 3400. sep 2017 for the tiger ebony finish. OP I also have similar music taste.