KEF Q550 or PSB Imaging B

I recently purchased a pair of KEF Q550 locally and the seller said I can return them if I did not like them. They don’t sound too bad but I was searching around and saw an ad for used pair of PSB Imagine B with stands for $500.

A majority of the music I listen to tends to be vocals. Reading some reviews makes me feel the PSB would be an upgrade compared to the KEFs. Is this the case?

I guess the reason I’m asking is because I’m not totally satisfied with the Q550. I have a pair of Phase Tech Euro Series 325 and absolutely love the sound and want something like those but just bigger. I have a pair of Q acoustic 3050 and they're great but feel they don't have enough clarity and too much base.

I’m using a Cambridge Audio CXA60 amplifier to drive them.
I went to Magnolia at Best Buy and listened to the Q750. It's not detailed at all. I think it's more of a home theater speaker. You can get open box special at " and Adorama. I think they have a 30day return window on open boxes.
Check out the monitor Audio Or KEF R-3 

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