KEF Q350 with a Yamaha r-s202 receiver?

I want to buy new speakers for my parents and they have a yamaha r-s202 receiver... will it be good enough to go with a pair of KEF Q350 speakers ??? I know next to nothing about audio. Thanks in advance!!
What do your folks listen to?  And what speakers do they have now?  Did they ever talk about any equipment they liked in the past?

How do they listen now?  CDs, radio, streaming, records?

Do they listen much to music?

I get the receiver is pretty basic and a step up set of speakers would be a nice gift.  

The receiver has gotten decent notice.   

Thanks for the response. My folks pretty much listen to all kind of music all day and a little bit of tv. They have Technics (model SB-CH900) that sometime stop working properly. I wanted good all around with a good quality price speakers. The Q350 are on sale and look to be what I'm looking for...
I suggest that you replace the Yamaha receiver with some thing a little bit better. For example: PS Audio Sprout, Nuforce STA200, ....

Your speaker's choice seems ok though
Ok thanks!! I'll look into it. 🙂
That Yamaha is fine. Why would you want to replace it?
My initial thoughts wasn't to change the receiver. I just wanted to be sure it could "handle" the speakers since it was a gift and I didn't know anything about speakers and receiver compatibility...
They will work well together!
Ok thanks I'll will keep it!!!
Wharfedale Denton 80th Anniversary might be a smoother speaker for older ears. Same price bracket