KEF Q 900 ....... Any experience ?

I went into my local audio shop today and spent a good hour listening to the KEF Q 900 speakers. I was incredibly surprised by how good they sounded. Tremendous soundstage, excellent imaging, robust dynamic range, and excellent tonality with a very satisfying musical presentation. At $1800 for the pair, they seem to be an outstanding value. Does anyone have and experience with these speakers ?
I liked them.
Slightly off-topic, I throw this out as a discussion topic, not necessarily a personal opinion:

I think we are seeing a wave of new, moderately-priced speakers that are delivering huge gains from new engineering and design tools plus new materials and manufacturing technologies and, as a result, present serious competition to some of the much higher-priced old guard of audiophile speakers. $2K - $5K gets you what you used to have to spend into 5 figures for. KEF, PSB, Paradigm, the forthcoming new Revel Performa line, etc etc.

Maybe I'll create a new topic. Sorry for the diversion.
Ever since I read TAS's rave review of the KEF Blade, I've been looking around for a lower cost alternative. I think the xQ series would have quieter cabinets, however. For good prices, check out Accessories4less.
Robust dynamic range ?? That's just an easy way out of listening to complex musical structures, less work your ears have to do.
Hi Kr4..... Are you Kalman Rubinson ? If so, that was a terrific review of the Q900, and I have been a fan of your Stereophile writing for many years. Can you take a look at my system, and comment on whether you think these Q900 speakers would match well with the rest of my gear. Thanks.
I cannot advise you since I am unfamiliar with your other equipment and, certainly, with your room. It would be good if you could compare the Q900 with a Vandersteen for yourself.

Thanks Kal......... I should be able to arrange a home demo of the Q900's and I'll be able to do exactly as you suggest. Keep up the good work with Stereophile !
The Kefs are impressive - the new LS50 looks very good.
The PSB Synchrony One is a huge overachiever.

DRubin - I think you nailed it.
also agree with drubin--$5k has become the new $10k. there seems to be a whole bunch of accessibly-priced speakers that compete with much pricier ones. i read that the new, $4500 revel f208 replaces (and allegedly outperforms) the $7500 f32. haven't heard the new revel, but i did hear the von schweikert vr-33 ($3750), which sounded awfully impressive; even better that the $6k vr4 and alot of megabuck stuff i've heard. i assume that manufacturers are outsourcing production and/or making aesthetic and other compromises to get costs down, but it's certainly a good trend for the audio buyer.
Another +1 for drubin's observation. I just read a href=>6Moons
of the KEF R900 where the reviewer summarized this observation
very well:
Progress over the last few years has favored
loudspeakers the most. We have better mathematical insight into bass tuning.
There are driver design and production advances not least due to the widely
embraced Klippel measuring system. There’s the lure of cost-effective
offshore production where China today offers true hi-tech kitted factories.
This can add up to manufacturing tolerances and precision which until
recently involved costly extravagances and rare engineering savvy. As a result
the category of speakers has reached an impressively high state.

... to which I'd add the more widespread use of neodymium magnets, curved
cabinet profiles, better bracing, longer excursion surrounds, and near-exotic
light and rigid diaphragm materials such as the Monitor Audio CCAM
(ceramic/magnesium) drivers. Their Gold Series even uses CCAM ribbon
tweeters in a $5.5K and under series.
Johnnyb53 I did a hour plus demo of the kef r900 s at a who happens to carry many lines well known highend. His opinion is they are best yet at their price that he has seen. My thoughts are they are very compelling highly musical powerful yet refined and more. Also I had spoken with two other dealers that carry most of the popular high end lines. One had said is the best under 10k. The other had told me it is a fantastic speaker. Point being I believe you and drubin are right. Also I recommend that you check them out if you can. I am picking up a pair as soon as the dealer gets back from vacation.
This is becoming a very nice discussion, and thanks to Drubin's post, the comments are covering a wider topic than I originally presented. That's great .... keep the comments coming,.. we're learning together that high quality speakers are now at a much better financial plateau than they used to be.