KEF LS50s with BAT VK-55 - good combo?

Hey all - I am thinking about trying the KEF LS50s with my BAT VK-55, a 55 wpc tube amp.  Do you think this would be a good combination?  Is there a better match for this amp in the ~$750 used speaker market, either floor or stand standers? What about other versions of the LS35A, do any at this price point stand out?

Musical tastes are an assortment of acoustic, singer songwriter, and some more aggressive sounding rock and electronics.  Big Thief, Horace Silver, Beck, Anna Meredith, Gordon Lightfoot, Chvrches, for example.

System is the BAT VK-55, sourced by PS Audio Perfectwave DAC with Bridge II being fed Tidal via Roon; speakers are Thiel 2.3s, decent cables etc, posted in Audiogon's systems.

Goal is to hear a classic or oft referenced speaker design that matches well to the VK-55, partly to compare to the Thiels, partly to have a second set of speakers while I tinker with the crossovers on the Thiels.  
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The KEF LS50 is not a LS3/5a type of speaker. There are a few Spendor 3/5’s listed here in the $500 range. Those are LS3/5a versions!
And yes they will be a good match with the BAT!
I have a pair of Graham Chartwell LS3/5's and a pair of said Spendor S3/5's. I have driven both with a First Watt F5 with very,very good results. The F5 is only 25 wpc. Of course, I have a small 9x13 listening room. I am not familiar with the LS50's,so I can't give you a comparison.
Thanks guys.  I guess I implied LS50s were part of the LS35A family, I know they are not, although I do remember one reviewer comparing them, saying something like "LS50s are KEF's modern take on the LS35A."  Anyway, the cocentric driver design (to compare to Thiel's) and consistently good reviews are what have me interested in this speaker.  Have also read that these are somewhat finicky with amp matching, hence the question about the BAT.