KEF-LS50 with REL T-Zero? Anyone?

I am putting together a second system in our casita.  My source is a Bluesound Node2 and my power amp is an older Audio Research 100,2. (100 wpc SS).  I just bought a pair of KEF LS50s.  They are not setup yet so my curiosity about the need for a sub is speculative.  This is a small room with limited space so if I think I need a sub it will have to be very small.  Hence the Rel T-zero.  It is the perfect size to fit in the open cabinet I will place it in.  I have owned larger Rel subs in the past so I am familar with the brand.  The Zero is a tiny much so I wonder if it will be worth the expense or effort.  I've heard the LS50 and I know it has good bass....for it's size but just wondering if that extra bit of low end the Zero will provide will compliment the LS50.  Knowing the limitations of the Zero I am not setting my sights too high but just wondering if anyone has heard this combo and can share their experience.  Thanks

T-Zero are nice and capable desk top subs down to 35 Hz. I run them with a PW AMP that uses the ARC room eq system. Removes the lowest bass from the monitors and as you say cleans up mid-bass. Indeed very good results. LS50/50W has in my opinion loud but non-interesting low bass information (as most small monitors). For a room system I would still say the PW AMP is excellent but you may need to step up to T5i subs (always at least use two). MartinLogan sells the same amp. Also the pre "Unison" with ARC if you like to use your own amp.

Your advice about about setting up the LS50W actually turns out to be very relevant.  Since my first post I have received the LS50 and have been listening to them for a few days.  I realized after hearing them that if I really wanted more bass I would probably need something more than the T-Zero so I got the T5i.  It sounds good but I have heard so much about the LS 50w that I am going to audition a pair of those.  They should be here tomorrow.  I bought them from the same place I bought the LS590 and they agreed to let me return whichever one I decide not to keep.  Looking forward to a head to head comparison.
I have the T-Zero, it's good but really better to use with a desktop computer system.
I know you would be much happier with the T5i.
Please use my learning curve, and don't repeat my error, get the T5i or larger. My larger subwoofer arrives today ;-)
I agree lak, even the T5i is marginal in terms of the impact it has on the system.  Space and finances limit the degree to which I want to enhance this second system in a casita.  I am beginning to think that unless I can get a proper sub (T7i or above) I might just be as well off leaving the sub out of the system....particularly if the LS50W has improved bass performance and ends up being the keeper.  I have always had some form of a subwoofer in my system for the past 25 years.  I started with passive subs, them moved up to a larger REL (Storm).  I now have Vandersteen Quatros with the built-in subs in my main system.

Thank you for your advice.