KEF LS50 Wireless Internal vs External DAC ??

I am finding my KEF LS50 Wireless to sound warmer, fuller, and more spacious, with better resolution of image location, when running my streamer (Audio Alchemy DMP-1/PS-5 power supply) to Audio Alchemy DDP-1 DAC/Preamp into its RCA inputs (which are then internally converted via ADC and again DAC) than I am running my streamer direct to the speakers via USB.
Given the numerous redundant conversions at play, I speculate that the ADC conversion is so much more transparent than I imagined and that the internal DAC in the KEFs is so much worse than I expected that I would recommend others use a high-quality external DAC with these speakers (even if they are to be internally re-DACed within them). 
Anyone have this experience?? Thoughts??
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I am not a big fan of all-in-one solutions for example this speakers it's usually a compromise and I will never consider such speakers solution ,the best way is regular speakers and seperate dac and streamer unless you are in a limited budget and you are willing to compromise the sound quality.