KEF LS50 Wireless Internal vs External DAC ??

I am finding my KEF LS50 Wireless to sound warmer, fuller, and more spacious, with better resolution of image location, when running my streamer (Audio Alchemy DMP-1/PS-5 power supply) to Audio Alchemy DDP-1 DAC/Preamp into its RCA inputs (which are then internally converted via ADC and again DAC) than I am running my streamer direct to the speakers via USB.
Given the numerous redundant conversions at play, I speculate that the ADC conversion is so much more transparent than I imagined and that the internal DAC in the KEFs is so much worse than I expected that I would recommend others use a high-quality external DAC with these speakers (even if they are to be internally re-DACed within them). 
Anyone have this experience?? Thoughts??
Hello, I'm a KEF LS50W user from Taiwan.
I have the same feeling as you.
When i connected Mytek 192 on KEF LS50W , it obviously sounds better than the internal dac.
It is really weird but quite a funny thing!
quite happy to find someone got the same feeling.

One word - jitter. Most of the benefit of a good modern DAC will be the high quality asynchronous clock and jitter rejection. Perhaps the DAC in the LS50 is not as capable as an outboard DAC - however performing A to D and then D to A on the same board within the LS50 might not be as jittery given it is all happening on the same circuit board.