KEF LS50... The ultimate anal-ytical speaker for living rooms?

I am looking for a VERY revealing with razor-sharp imaging type of bookshelf,  but not the cost of TOTAL loss of musicality.... In other words, not necessarily full range, but at least balanced - not something that starts to roll-off at 200hz... They would be listened to mid-field, 6-7ft away in a somewhat open space.  Could it be the ls50, or is there anything else around their price-point? Thx for suggestions...
If you find the q100 thin you will find the LS50s to be thin as well. You will need to move up to the 6.5 woofer and larger cabinet of the R300...or pair with a sub. 
I may be in the minority, but I don't find LS50's to be very analytical, in fact, compared to other monitors I think they color the sound slightly as to add a slight sweetness to everything. Perhaps an active monitor would suit your needs better. I also agree with the ATC SCM11 recs as they are a more accurate sounding monitor to me. Another option could be one of the Amphion monitors. 
We have a pr of B stock LS-50 factory sealed with full warranty 
they were used at the CEDIA show and repacked by KEF 
for $999.00 for the pair plus shipping ...piano black 
good listening

I just bought a pair of these.  I’m in the process of installing my system in a new house, but I couldn’t resist doing a quick and dirty hookup to my BAT VK-300x integrated amp and Sony SACD player. Sitting on a shelf about 10 inches in front of the wall behind them, they produced too much bass. I used the supplied foam plugs, as recommended, and things were in balance. I would say they did a creditable job of reproducing the fundamentals of a double bass in Ray Brown jazz quartet “Soular Energy.” The vibrating body of the bass was convincingly reproduced at moderately loud levels (80 dB average) in a medium sized room that is part of an open floor plan house. Interestingly, the “weight” of a full symphony orchestra was less convincing, so I don’t think I’ll sell my sub (which was not connected). However, jazz and rock was well done as was solo acoustic piano. The top end is extended, but not aggressive. Sadly, as is often the case when a component is upgraded, other weaknesses in the playback chain become evident. In my case, the failures of Red Book CD became more evident (poor high frequency transients) although SACD playback was very nice. Hopefully, when I get everything hooked up to my 1.5 kw balanced power supply, CD playback will improve. This is a very, very good speaker but probably needs more expensive amplification than one would normally consider for a $1700 pair of speakers. The BAT listed new at $7000 when I bought it some years ago.
Another suggestion would be some ELAC monitors - the REAL ELACs that are made in Germany using their own drivers, including the famous JET tweeter. There’s a nice pair of BS 403 monitors on ebay right now that might be perfect for you: