KEF LS50 - new model?

The LS50 has been available since 2012.  With the recent updates of the Muon and the new Reference series and the new Blade 2 do you think the LS50 will be updated soon?  
Let me add that I did speak to KEF directly and asked them the question.  They said they don't discuss any possible forthcoming updates/new models, etc before they are ready to be released.  I respect their approach, and I partly read in that something new for the LS50 was in the works.  
Since the model first appeared we now have other competitors' newer speakers, such as the Technics bookshelf---LS50 copy-cat, the new Elacs (Jones designed) monitors, and newer models from Revel.
I love the LS50, but I would be upset if I bought a pair soon, and an updated version was introduced this year.  That's one of the audiophile's known unknowns!  
The KEF LS50 was/is a 50th Anniversary edition model.  These are usually made for a few years, (depending on how well they sell), then discontinued.  Normally Anniversary models are not updated.

You might have to wait for the LS60...
The KEF LS50 is not that great. A/B it with the JBL LSR305/8 and you'll see.
I person against the LS50's and a few thousand for them. Given the right application, small room without heavy bass requirements, the LS50 are incredibly good for $1500. Many people do not need any better. 
I would like a slightly bigger modle. With a 6.5" driver for deaper bass
What you want is the Kef R300!
I think the new technics is way much better more bass it does 3D, more natural sounding.the ls50 is very good as well, they shine with good gear.They are both well made.