KEF ls50 meta’s are on the way

Got a demo today and ordered a pair. Should arrive next week.  Will shootout with my current ls50s when they arrive.  Stay tuned.  
128x128mapman shows the blue and the white ones available 10/30. The titanium sold out already, As you know, these speakers are really hot right now.
I ve heard the LS 50 before ,my friend use Mark Levinson amp 100 w, audio research preamp, thetha dac and transport. They were able to handle all types of music we play on them, including classical, the room is very small.The better the gear you connect the better sound they give you, very capable speakers.
waiting for the next phase of this discussion.  Two things
a) Mapman finally gets his Metas and tells us what he hears compared to the original LS50sb) others have had their's for 2-3 weeks - is it still wowing you as much as early days?
I have the originals - actually the Blacks that I am running with a pair of Rel subs in nearfield in a small room off a Hegel amp and they sound as good as my small room has sounded.  This is a bad hobby though as you are always thinking about could it sound better.  For me this includes could I buy other speakers - Focals, Dynaudios, Raidhos that would sound even better as a nearfield monitor with subs.  Anyone done this? 

All to pass the time while we wait for more thoughts on the new Metas!

I’ve had Dynaudio Contour 1.3 mkII in the same 12x12 room as the ls50s. 
Different sound.  Dynaudio was a tad warm and could lean towards a tad bright in some cases.  Bass was more extended.  I didn’t use a sub with them.  I do use sub with ls50s.     Ls50s are a different sound in most every regard.  Definitely more detailed and different imaging.  Probably also more coherent.   I liked the Dyns a lot but do not miss them with ls50 + sub combo.  Without a sub,  it’s more of a tossup depending.