KEF ls50 meta’s are on the way

Got a demo today and ordered a pair. Should arrive next week.  Will shootout with my current ls50s when they arrive.  Stay tuned.  
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the attenuation is down to 620hz not just the range of the tweeter
How do you attach the absorber to the drive unit so that it stops absorbing below 620hz? I dont see how that works.
The white paper covers the implementation pretty well. If you have questions best to ask the experts ie the engineers at KEF. I suspect you would get a response if you inquire.
   Interested in hearing the Metas. A close friend had a pair of LS 50s in his office, Exposure components upstream. I really enjoyed them. If the Metas are appreciably better, they will probably set a new standard in their price class. 
You cant absorb down to just 600hz and call it a day. What abut the range from 600hz to 50hz? Why is it okay for that to be ignored?
Exciting stuff!  A weak point for the Passive LS50’s are the lack of low bass and dynamics.  
The new metas look to be like some incredible speakers.  I can’t wait to see some reviews on the Wireless version Hopefully they got the app figured out.

These look to be very interesting...