KEF ls50 meta’s are on the way

Got a demo today and ordered a pair. Should arrive next week.  Will shootout with my current ls50s when they arrive.  Stay tuned.  
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Crikey, the demand for these speakers must be phenomenal.

I'm sorry you're having to wait so long. It doesn't seem right. 

It's one thing when you know that the wait will be a few weeks, and quite another when that date keeps getting moved back.

"I'm sure everyone has bigger things to stress out about than waiting for some new toys."

We do, but it's the toys that help to keep us going. Now I don't need to upgrade my phone for one with an edge to edge amoled display, but I just might.
@mapman ,

"I am wondering how long it will take for this new sound absorption technology to show up in headphones? That could be interesting also."

I'm sure it will be as open backed phones are barely practical outdoors anywhere near a main road.

I've switched to using closed backs as I found myself needing too much volume to overcome the sound of constant heavy traffic near where I live. 

I know headphone manufacturers already use different methods to deal with the dreaded headphone backwave for their closed back models but maybe this KEF Metamaterial technology is simply far more effective than using foam etc. 

If so, then we can surely expect the likes of Sennheiser, Sony, Audio Technica, and Beyerdynamic etc to all respond shortly with their own responses.

In fact I can imagine a few departmental heads soon asking awkward questions of their R&D departments as to why KEF got there first.
@dwest1023 ,

"They have the sound of speakers, I can’t afford."

That's a great line. I'm sure we'll be seeing it used again. 

Pity you can't copyright it!
The KEF  LS 50 must be the best selling loudspeaker of recent times.

The worldwide demand must be huge for a speaker that's liable to go down in audio history.

I can't remember the last one that made such a splash. 

Someone at KEF surely deserves a promotion.