KEF LS50 and Rogue Cronus II integrated amp

I'm planning to buy the LS50 and pair it with the Cronus II amp.  Has  anyone used both together and can share comments on their pairing?  As I'm starting my system from scratch I'll also be buying speaker stands.  KEF says to keep them 26" off the floor.  Are there any stands you like?  From my checking Sound Anchor has some solid models, but I wish they looked less bulky.  There are a few British stands that look good (e.g. Sound Foundation) but I don't think they have a US distributor.  For cabling I have prior experience with Nordost and was thinking about getting a set of their products.  Any suggestions are appreciated!  Thanks.
A shop here in chicago has the same setup and it really impressed me for the price and size.  They had nordost the cheapest white ones on it.

Thanks timber77,
Where I live there is no one dealer who has both.  I don't mind "punting" on buying the combo.  To round it out I'm planning on adding a Rega turntable (not sure which one yet) and a low priced cd player (for starters).