Kef IQ 7

I know this isn't a vey high end speaker but it is one that I can afford. I can't find any local to audition so I'm once again, looking to you guys for info and opinions.
I know about the uniQ driver. I want to know about the sound,stregnths and weaknesses.
I like detail but some warmth too.
How about the bass? I'd like my fronts to be able to stand alone although I do have a sub.
What do you think?
I have been using a pair of Kef Q 15.2 monitors for years as surround speakers, where they have done a very admirable job. Recently, however, they were pressed into service as main drivers while I was waiting for some custom enclosures to house my move back into Tannoy. These little guys surprised me with just how good they really are. While no real competition for their predecessors or the now complete Tannoys, they held their own quite well. I was impressed with their punch, clarity and musicality.

I don't think you can go wrong with them, I'm sure you will be well served by them until you can afford something better.

Regards, and enjoy,