KEF first or dc10audio??

first single apparent source configuration? dc10 audio has been producing the instrument 8 PS for over 5 year all the sound comes out of the horn include the bass!

Oh yes Mountain High the entire world is celebrating DC 10, and to say that a speaker with no novel technology, built by a company no one other than you has ever extolled vs one of the foremost loudspeaker companies in the world is laughable.

I know you are a DC 10 dealer and probably one of the only ones in the country. DC 10 speakers may sound good but there is no way in hell that you are correct.

No I don't work for KEF I do work for a dealer that does their products, but why wont' you disclose that you are probably the only DC 10 dealer in the country, I would say much more of the audio world is leaning my way lets see:

Absolute Sound review of the Blades, rave review.
Hifi Plus review of the Blades rave review.
Sound Stage What speakers would I buy for $100k Blades and Vivids.

DC 10 reviewed where, talked about by anyone other than you, the silence is deafening.
The unfortunate thing is that if it weren't for the relentless posts by mountain-high, people on here would probably give them a listen. He does a disservice to DC10Audio.

audiogeek most of you posts are very negative such as this one:
quote by audiogeek New Von Schweikert VR 33?
I wouldn't touch a Von Scheikert product with a 10ft pole. Von Schweikert has to keep on using gimmicks to stay in business. They have no dealers, and no industry support.

you seem measure the company by how many dealers the more dealer the better to you so I guess your favorite speaker is paradigm follow by monitor audio and your most favorite must be polk with the 10 thousands dealers? I look for small brand that make amazing sounds like my soundsmith hyperian cartridge with cactus arm or my swiss goldmund turntable wavac amplifiers I buy the best stuff and have money to buy the best stuff

You sell things anyone can buy any time BIG DEAL

I sell lots of preown gear include some B stock including dc10 audio I already say that! i cant only buy i need to sell when i run out of room or my wife will kill me

No Mountain high my point about the VR 33 is that companies like Von Schweikert are unlikely to make it in the long run, and companies which employ gimmicks to sell their products are usually desperate, and so many consumers may be left out in the cold when that company closes.

We sell the best brands in audio and no not everyone can sell them these brands include: Chord, Conrad Johnson, Gallo, KEF, Vivid, EMM Labs, Esoteric, Nottingham, Kronos, Kubala Sosna, Lyra, parasound, Electrocompaniet, AMR, Manley Labs, Cary Audio, Anthem, Nuforce, PSB, Usher, and many, many others.

You are the only one talking about these speakers, so it seems that your posts are completely self motivated, the fact that you in your mind you can compare KEF a storied design leader with $100 million a year in sales and who has been in business for 50 years, with a tiny garage manufacturer DC 10 is laughable, what is also laughable is your complete lack of understanding about loudspeaker design and engineering and finally please learn how to write English.

You sound very defensive I guess you should to be because most KEF speaker is now made in China and you can bet the cabinets on your "point source" model is made in china too how does it make you feel when you sell to your customer I even think KEF is owned by China company now KEF is just another corporation that has very little soul and if you are such an expert you already know this! or you actually are just anther car salesperson to sell audio now look at the lines you carry only a few of them are pure not KEF

You also seem to like to tell lies about brands when i purchase my instrument 8 PS speakers several years ago they where in a commercial building in Carrboro South Carolina and now they have a 2,000 square foot mill shop and another 2,000 square foot assembly and lathing shop in Santa Fe New Mexico. I am not a dealer but I buy alot.. There are lots of review out there in Eastern Europe and the Scan country that is where they focus. I also hear rumor that audio note people will invest in dc10audio???
You are just so defensive
I only ever asked the question if KEF was before dc10 with a point source concept other than a single full range speaker..and you went crazy.. you are correct my writing is too poor sometimes my wife will edit for me Queens English but she has a real job.