KEF first or dc10audio??

first single apparent source configuration? dc10 audio has been producing the instrument 8 PS for over 5 year all the sound comes out of the horn include the bass!
You don't know anything about loudspeaker design and to conclude that a microscopic loudspeaker company has the financial budget to compete with KEF is laughable.

The DC 10 vents out the bass pressure, ie a port around the tweeter, this in fact creates a secondary delayed bass frequencies which are behind the primary output of the mid woofer, this is no different than any other front ported loudspeaker, the only difference is the location of the port.

Also DC 10's larger speakers have bass drivers on the bottom front face of the speakers, this is not the same concept as producing an integrated spherical radiating pattern where all freq. are produced at the same point in space which is what is happening with the KEF which clusters all the speakers drivers in one location of the loudspeaker.

I have one issue with KEF they are not the first to do this concept, Cabasse in their LA Spere was the first company to place bass, midrange, and high frequencies tranducers directly in line with each other to simulate a proper point source, the problem with the La Sphere is $180k, ugly as sin, large footprint, and it needed to be quad amped.

The KEF Blade is the first practical full range point source.
so then why do the dc10 I8's sound much better than the KEF blade for only 10K please note: earlier KEF speakers played full range the blade does not and it's butt ugly ..would you put the blade in your house..Your wife would kill you if she had taste unless your house was the set from Austin Powers the blade is the fugliest speaker made.

And you are bash small companies? so you must work for KEF?
Once again mountain-high does not disclose that he sells DC10 audio speakers while bashing other established brands. Take his statements with a very large grain of salt.
Mountain High,

Thank you again for another inane comparison.

First off, I would compare our instrument not the soon to be discontinued I8 to the Blade as they are in the same price range but even then the two loudspeakers have nearly nothing in common.

The blade is a big money high tech development whereas the Instrument uses a hand turned horn and a resonator an idea 500 years old; the dc10audio speaker is built of solid wood by hand the Blade is a sort of composite built with high-tech equipment, great engineers and big $$$.

There is nothing similar with the exception that both try to make the best of a point source two different ways.

KEF's engineers are some of the best in the world and I know that both Loudspeakers paired with fine gear represent superb sound reproduction.

I did see and hear the Blade at RMAF and truth is I did not think anyone sounded very good this year not even us!

I think everyone was trying too hard!