KEF celebrates sixty years with the LS60 Wireless

This speaker is exactly what a lot of people have been asking for, a baby Blade. 

KEF celebrates sixty years with the LS60 Wireless | Darko.Audio


The great thing about active DSP systems is if you like how they sound at the shop odds are much more likely you'll get the same results at home, unlike so many passive speakers I bring home.

I had the LS50 II Wireless and matching sub, 6k total here in Canada

the LS60 is 10k here

the 50's lacked scale, size , bass, SPL, and dynamics even with the sub

I would have thought a tower upgrade would make more sense if built significantly bigger

none the less, I remain interested in testing them, the solution is spectacularly elegant if nothing else






Good luck with these.  I had the LS50W, LSX and blade 2.  All had issues.  Now my daugthter's LSX are broken after 3 years.  I also bought a Muo portable speaker and that was dead at just over a year so no warranty.  Never buying another Kef product again myself.  My Blade 2s even had a rattle coming from inside that I could not figure out.