KEF C95 Repair/Replacement Question

Hey, guys. I have a set of KEF C95's from the 90's. I have been in love with these speakers for many years now and have a woofer/tweeter going bad in one of them. I have tried contacting KEF and they are no longer making parts or have any stocked. I am fearful to purchase some newer model KEF's in my price range (IQ90's) because I feel they may not sound as good? Yet, I cannot locate any local dealers that could demo them for me so I cannot confirm this. Does anyone out there have any ideas of where I might be able to locate a replacement uni-q woofer for this speaker? Any other ideas if not? Can these be repaired? If not, what are your thoughts on the IQ90's?

Thanks in advance!
I found a nice pair of C55 bookshelf versions of these for sale. Looking at the PDF document below, it seems that they are slightly different but are the same size woofer, just the tweeter is .75 instead of 1". Bad idea to buy this set and replace with one of them?
according to the kef musuem, the uniq driver on the c55 is different than the one of your c95 (type 200_19 vs. 200_25), so it's probably not a good idea to swap 'em. since you like the kef sound, i'd look for the (90s) reference series (model 1, model 2), etc., which are excellent and very inexpensive used--they're highly underrated.
Thanks, Loomis.

I actually went with a set of IQ90's that have been recently discontinued and paid 1K for the set, shipped. They arrive on Friday, hopefully they will sound good!