Kef Blade or Kef Blade Two for bigger room

Hello all, I am thinking of changing my old bw 800 matrix speakers for the Kef Blade or Blade two.

My living room is 4.8m by 9.3m, with partially sloped high ceeling, and also in the middle going over into my open kitchen adding another 2.5m by 6m... 
Logically I would go for the biggest Blade to get the most and deepest bass response, as most speakers I have tried are too bass shy in my room, except for the big bw800 matrixes, which I set up in middle of the room, and sofa against wall to get bass...
Amplification are Rowland model 9T, so they should get the job done with both speakers.

However I heard from a dealer that the Blade two are better, more coherent sounding, even for bigger rooms; he claimed the big Blade sounds less coherent, with bass floating in the air somewhere and a bit disconnected from the rest...
In my personal experience I heard a Blade two driven by Electrocompaniet Nemos on a music show, im a large rectangular room, and they were brilliant, also in bass.
  i heard the big Blades at a dealer with my model 9t s and they were great as well, but strangely bass shy... room was large enough, but had sloped ceelings to the sides, and the speakers stood on small transporting rollers, so 10 cm higher then normal... Is it possible bass is better from the small blades after all??
Advice would be greatly appreciated! Maybe anyone heard them side by side in same room and with same amps?

Well it took longer then I thought but I finally took the plunge...and got the KEF BLADES... yep the big ones!
one word: amazing!

"Just Perfect!" sums it. : )  Congratulations on having found speakers that move you the way these are!
Congrats Blueskywalker just wished you would have gotten em from us.

Get a set of Isoacoustics they work wonders instead of the spikes.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ
I would have sworn that we have been told over and over that you are not here to sell. Maybe your second attempt with this guy will work out better for you.
Actually KEF doesn’t allow internet sales like that, so not too smart of him to say that either.
Actually he is in Belgium so we would not be able to sell him a pair.

You guys dont know the difference between serious discord and having a bit of fun.