KEF Blade 2

HI everyone - 

I may have a chance to audition a pair of KEF Blade 2 speakers.

Does anyone have any experience or comments about these?

I'm not really familiar with the KEF sound and currently have a pair of B&W 802D (first diamond generation)

Thanks in advance.....


A lot of what you just posted contradicts posts by a well-known KEF dealer who posts here. Unfortunately, the A'gon thought police tend to delete those threads and I am not interested in searching.

The drivers in the pre-Meta LS50, Blade, and REF were posted as not being the same. The differences were also mentioned. SEARCH to find that info or contact KEF who should be willing to give that info.

Again, what dealers not worthy of repeating.

Actually, feel the opposite when I compare most uninformed posts on here and what I pick up from dealers and vendors. I stop and read the posts by the dealers.


What do you mean by a lot of what I say? The parts differences are clearly seen in pictures on the web. It is all hearsay unless Kef themselves says it. Dealers get stuff wrong lots of times as did the KEF dealer that Alvincastro posted. Never trust one source.....unless it is the actual manufacturer. Second hand news is not reliable.....even from dealers.

Even if the drivers were slightly different.....what I described would still be true. The difference that all the tweaks would make would completely swamp any minor differences in the drivers. I just sent an email to Kef UK asking them about the drivers.....will post what they say.

First review I've seen on the new Reference Meta series, this one on the Ref 5. It's from Lyud & Bild and you'll need to translate it to English. "TEST: KEF Reference 5 Meta - Shocking sound experience - I could hardly believe my ears. These speakers are sensationally good... Reference class from A to Z. Infinitely transparent sound image with massive dynamics, enormously potent bass and extreme resolution." Only a small section of the review introduction is available on the L&B site as a preview without a paid subscription, but I found the full review available here at least at the time of this posting:

I'll chime in.  I owned the blade 2 for a couple of years.  I mostly paired them with a DCS Rossini directly to a pair of Theta Prometheus mono blocks.  I was happy with them compared to some Revel Salon 2s I had and some Dynaudio C4s before that.  Looking back I do still have a soft spot for the C4s.  I happened to buy some Klipsch Forte III speakers for another system and for fun popped them into the system where the blades reside.  This really through me for a loop.  I went back and forth and could not believe that I was enjoying listening to music much more overall though the Forte III.  Then I tried a Decware tube amp with the Forte III and I liked them even better.  This sent me on a journey for a year I ended up with the Cornwall IV and an older pair of La Scalas.  I went back and forth with all these speakers and I came to realize for me the Kef Blade 2 and Kef in general is a bland sound.  It's what I'd call typical hifi spectacular and soulless.  You don't have to agree and many take offense to me saying this about these speakers I'm sure.  I would sum up the sound as soulless   I'm also going to say they are a cheaply made product considering the price.  Just look at the cheap plastic base and pick the speaker up, it's light and made of plastic. I don't see how they justify the price.  I got them because I thought they would be a good sound and I do like the looks.  I got swept into believing they were good because of good reviews and class A rating etc...  It wasn't until I spent a good deal of time going back and forth with other speakers and amps that I realized it's a sound that puts me to sleep.  

Has anyone heard the Blade Meta's? Do they sound better than non-Metas? I heard that the Meta technology's main beneficiaries are the smaller speakers.