KEF Blade 2 as replacement for Reference 107/2

A former owner of KEF Reference 107/2s posted that he moved to Blades, and that it is the obvious progression. I really love the sound of my 107/2s, and John Atkinson and Tom Norton raved about them in their reviews a few decades ago, but I'm wondering if it's time to move on. I haven't heard either the Blade or Blade 2s. Anyone had the opportunity to compare 107/2s with Blade 2s? I've had a lot of opportunity to compare the sound of the 107/2s with LS50s supplemented by Velodyne HGS-10 subs. The LS50s are amazing speakers, but not quite 107/2s, especially for large orchestrations.

Stick to the 107/2. The Uni-Q driver doesn’t sound integrated at all SPL levels with the bass - maybe they cross it over to low and it runs out of steam - don’t know but that is what I hear on the KEF R700.

Anyway it is a strange beast. Normally a driver has a good setup and crossover point but KEF seem to vary the lower crossover points on the UNi-Q a lot between various models.

From what I heard, the Uni-q is great at female vocals but NOT quite there on male vocals! I think the lower mid range is not right for some reason - especially when cranked. This means large orchestral or rock may not sound integrated across deep bass through to lower mid range - especially at higher realistic levels...
Not saying this is so , I didn’t hear it my self .
But, a friend , mostly a jazz listener, told me that was true on R700 but not on R500.
If I had a good KEF made in England I would keep it .
KEF was my go-to brand for 20 years .
I've never heard a KEF speaker of an earlier vintage than the last 5 years so I don't know what the Ref 107/2s sound like. I have had the chance to listen to the Blades a number of times and they're probably the second best speaker I've ever heard (second to Wilson Audio Alexx). I personally found no fault in the Blade in terms of coherence, dynamics, detail, and ease. The Blade is universally acclaimed in the audio press. Go find a place where you can listen to them and decide for yourself.
Long time 107/2 owner here. The Blade 2 would unequivocally be an upgrade. When I brought in Reference 205's they were better than 107/2's with everything but deep bass. You should give 207/2's consideration as well.  
There is a very slight compromise in the Blade 2 and even Blade speaker in regards to the point where the bass/mids from the side firing drivers crosses in the UniQ mid driver. Its a small compromise gives in trade an optimized baffle shape that allows the Blade series to have an improved image and sound stage as compared to the Reference 5 model, which shares some similarities in driver complement.

Honestly, its not something your would really notice unless you carefully compared the two side by side. Either speaker is very well sorted out and you have to option to the Reference 5 if you so choose.
If you exclude the bass of the Blades (play something acoustic) and compare to the LS50 the Blades are still way better. The Blades disappear and give the best soundstage I have heard. It also has the largest sweet spot of any speaker I have heard. Compare the Wilson Alexa to a Blade and you will see the difference in sweet sport size.

The KEF Reference line is also very good. Not Blade level but the Uni-Q driver is also excellent on the Reference line. The lack of coherence on the Blades is a new one to me. Everyone’s ears are different, mine love the Blades.

I heard the older top of the line KEF model at a dealer and I was not that enamored. The Blades and LS50 I love.

Bass on rock is often just a loud bump between 120 to 180 Hz.

My 107/2s are driven by a Parasound JC 2 BP preamp and JC 1 monoblocks, LS50s by an Ayre KX-5 Twenty preamp and VX-5 Twenty amp.  I suppose either setup would be suitable for driving Blade 2s.