KEF 205 / 2 or Focal Electra 1037BE

Would be pairing speakers with McIntosh MC205 Amp and MX136 pre-amp. Any preferences? I'm coming from Watt Puppy 7's which were great
I have heard the 201, 205 and 207s by KEF and they are some of the best sounding speakers the company has made. I had original BBC monitors two decades ago and this new Reference lines speaks to their standing from that time. They are smooth sounding, with nice bass extension, and really nice mid-ranges. Favor the female voice and Jazz and Chamber.

The other similar-sounding speakers I have heard that match are the Harbeth 40.1 and the new Pioneer EX series. You may want to check those out. Do not know the Focal speakers.
The KEF's are good speakers but I believe that the Focals are in the "best-of-class" category since you are essentially getting their Utopia product in a more affordable package. Their drivers are my favorite. If you are coming from W/P 7's, it will be a noticeable improvement top to bottom.
I'm in the market, trying to decide between KEF 207/2 and Wilson Sasha's. I have KEF 105/3, but time to put them to rest. I am very curious about your comment where you seem to favor the KEF over W/P 7. In your opinion the KEF had a better sound?
Wood930, what are you hoping to gain via making a speaker change? I once owned the W/P 7's with McIntosh and recently selling the Mac gear, I wish I had the Wilson's back to hear with my new amp.