KEF 200C

I bought a used Kef 200C in AudiogoN. I have two questions hope some Kef experts can help since I couldn't get any help from either my seller or Kef.

1. The serial number is 256307B. What is this "B" stand for? Is this the right serial number or is there any "A" part somewhere else? Why did Kef throw a "B" at the end? Since my Kef 104/2 pairs are divided into A and B, I am even more condused!

2. The biwire jumpers I received from my seller are four pieces of flat thin metal plates, gold-plated. I can not mount them to 200C. I have to use old 100C jumpers which come stepped and fit perfectly well. Is there a way to connect those flat jumpers? Does my seller send me the wrong jumpers? I don't think Kef expects user to bend those jumpers to fit. My e-mail to my seller has not been answered for two months. I guess I won't hear from him again. So, please help!
Your post induced me to look at my 200C. The serial number also ends with B. Why worry about it? I've been using the 200C with my 104/2s and 102/2s for years without problem. I biwire all the speakers, so I don't recall the appearance or configuration of the jumpers.

It's better to use speaker wires as jumpers rather than the metal flat gold plated jumpers that came with the speaker. You get much more sound/low end out of the speaker wires.