KEF 107 v 104.2

I think this has been addressed before, but I can't find it. I have a pair of 104.2s that I've been very happy with, but the 107s are better looking IMO, and may even sound better, I don't know. As I understand it, the bass cavity of the 107 and 104.2 are the same design and configuration; the 107 has one mid range driver that can be rotated the 104.2 has two that are fixed. Both use the same tweeter, but the 107's can be rotated. Has any of you made the comparison?

There are a couple of 107s for sale on Audiogon that have had recent cone surround replacements. The asking prices seem quite high, perhaps justified by the recent work. I'm a bit tempted.

I had each one a year or two apart back around 96. They're both good but the 107 images almost scary real and has a much cleaner sound. I had an Adcom 545 amp at the time and modest cabling but the mids to high were terrific. The bass was there but less pronounced than I'd of liked, but equal to the 104.2. Maybe with the right electronics the bottom end would become more lively. In fact I would love to hear them with some good power because looking back I had replaced that Adcom with a 300 watt Mcintosh. No doubt if they're solid and the woofers are good I'll bet you be in love.
I think the 107s have a 10" woofer where as the 104.2s are 8" if I remember right. The more I ponder this I think I needed more power to bring that woofer alive. Its too late now but it would be fun to have another try with those 107s.
I had a pair of 104.2's back in the early 90's and had a chance to trade up to a pair of 107's. Definitely better sound in my opinion. The 107s went further down in the lows so you could feel more of the bass. I agree with Gshepardbuster on the cleaner sound. I used to listen to them for hours at a time. It certainly was not a night and day difference as the 104's sounded very good but I sure was glad that I took advantage of the offer.