KEF 107 - opinions please

I managed to miss thes econd pair of KEF 107. These were rosewood, with manuals, KUBE etc. While I was contemplating they were sold.
Now I do have a few nice vintage speakers (ADS 1290 and 1530, Thiel CS 3.5, Alon Capri) but always wanted to get these 107s. Unfortunately never had the pleasure to listen to these. Red the rave reviews though.
Are these worth pursuing consiering the set of speakers I alreday have? Woul it be better to say get Vandy 2CE signature or even 3A signature instead?
I know that opinions will vary, but hopefully someone had a chance to comaper the 107 to one or more of the speakers I listed. Any insight/suggestion would be greatly appreciated.
I do know that they need power. I have an older CJ MF 2200 (200wpc) which could do the trick.
I own a pair of KEF 107's that were purchased new in 1987. I have found them to be great in my system.
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To me the problem is getting ( great speakers ) a speaker that is long in the tooth,,,More than likely it will need the Drivers re done...If you don't mind investing some $$$ and can find a nice pair ,,then go for it...For me I would suggest the Vandy Sig3...but thats me........I would also suggest a B&W 801 matrix series 3 before the Kef 107..
Thanks! I think I will definitely try to find a pair of 3A and 107 to listen to. Now of course system compatibility and space in my hose will be totally different.
Sancho22,go for it they are good speakers,they will mate
well with your CJ 200,my friend have these combination.I
do have four speakers,I am still looking for 107 in my
area.Good Luck.
Assume they cannot be fixed.
I currently own both the 107.2's and 105.3's and much prefer the 105.3's. The 105.3's have newer technology drivers, tweeters, and crossovers. They are 4 way and have a lot more detail in the highs, mids, and midbass with a punchier low end. The 107.2's use the old T-33 tweeters which sound harsh and edgy in comparison. Also the 107.2's lack mid bass since it only has 1 5 1/4 mid driver compared to 3 6 1/2" mid drivers of the 105.3's. Imageing is good on 107.2s but better on 105.3's. 107.2's have lower low end but is rather loose and bloomy. I am only keeping my 107.2's for nostalgia sakes and since they look nice, I don't listen to them. If you want to stay with Kef, I'd go with 105.3's or a pair of Model 3's or above. You can see my speakers in my virtual system.
Good speakers, certainly competitive with what you have, but ultimately I prefer your 3.5's. You of course might feel differently.
I have what I call KEF 107.1.5 that is new head and Kube but not biwired. I use them with a Townshend supertweeter and KEF 400 subwoofer.

They still sound wonderful and have seen off Quad 2805, Tannoy Canterbury and ART Deco 10 all of which I have had on trial. I am contemplating a pair of Sophia 2s but am reluctant to buy sound unheard. Anybody able to compare?